2023 Housing Market Forecast: Overview

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Due to growing mortgage rates and a decline in available homes, buyers and sellers are more concerned about housing market trends in 2023. As a result, many investors are still making market predictions for this year. These are a few predictions for the Foley, Alabama, 2023 Housing Market Forecast. One of the cities in Alabama that is expanding the quickest is Foley. Many interested purchasers purchase various real estate homes in diverse Foley communities because of the area’s suburban vibe, affordability, and low cost of living. Yet the previous several years have been difficult for everyone in the real estate industry, including the entire state of Alabama, where agents have had to deal with hesitant sellers, meager inventory, and bidding wars. A housing crash is also predicted to occur shortly, so many investors are constantly assessing the state of the market and its outlook for the next few years.


Foley’s Current Housing Market

The average cost of a home in Foley, Alabama, rose by 55% between December 2019 and December 2022. While Foley’s average prices have remained constant since July 2022, the most notable 32% increase appeared between 2020 and 2021. Foley estimates that by the beginning of 2023, there will be 453 homes on the market, which is nearly 2.5 times more than in the spring or February 2022. These homes will have an overall list price of $362,352 and a median list price of $279,185. Despite being one of Alabama’s most affordable cities, housing costs have increased, with the median value rising by 12.3% due to the high demand for properties. As more people explore relocating to Alabama, especially the Daphne-Fairhope-Foley region, and mainly because Foley is the center of recreational activities, home costs in Foley, AL, are beginning to rise.


Foley Housing Market Forecast

Market experts expect mortgage rates will climb in Foley, Alabama, due to ongoing inflation, a probable recession, and geopolitical concerns. Investors in the financial markets estimate a 175 to 200 base point increase in the Fed’s target Fed funds rate from present levels. A 30-year loan will often have an interest rate of around 8.50%, whereas a 15-year loan typically has an interest rate of about 7.70%. In the Daphne-Fairhope-Foley metro area, Foley will continue to be one of the most affordable areas, according to the 2023 housing market prediction. Nevertheless, homebuyers and sellers might anticipate a rise in house prices.
Nonetheless, there is a chance that property prices will rise or fall. They might decline during the Great Recession, but not to the same extent. Expect the price of real estate properties to continue to grow this year as mortgage rates will increase more in 2023.


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