Lovely lady, I have something to tell you that may surprise you.  But I hope it will get you EXCITED!

Ready?  Here goes….

YOU are your brand!  That’s right. 

You may work at Coldwell Banker.  Or ReMax.  Or Sotheby’s. 

But that is your brokerage, not your brand.

You see, while it may be beneficial for you to work for one of the larger brokerages (e.g., brand recognition), people will, ultimately, decide to work with you (to buy or sell their home) because of . . . Y-O-U!

Let’s face it, a buyer or seller will not sign an agreement to work with you unless & until she is confident in your abilities to lead her through the process, comfortable with your expertise and experience and trusts you to look out for her best interest. 

And that confidence, comfort and trust is with YOU, not your brokerage.

Brand YOU begins with your appearance (e.g., your style of clothing.  your make-up (or lack of it:)  the way you carry yourself)

Brand YOU also includes the way you speak (e.g., do you speak with authority v. timidity.  do you lead a client through a home tour v. allow them to experience the home themselves)

Brand YOU is also about your timeliness in dealing with your client.  And your responsiveness.  And your ability to set expectations. 

Your marketing materials also help to comprise brand YOU. 

Your personal logo (which I HIGHLY recommend you invest in), head shot, business card, etc. are all important aspects of brand YOU.

The WOW experience you create and provide for each of your clients is a critically important part of brand YOU!

And, and, and….. 

At the end of the day, YOU are your business!  I find that exciting.  Because regardless of the brokerage where I work, I get to determine what my business is.  What it looks like.  The vision & mission for my business. 

You see, beautiful one, you are in charge of your business.  Noone else.  YOU! 

That’s a very good thing – we want to be in control of our own destiny & life, don’t we?

Take some time to think about the image you want to portray to the world.  What do you stand for?  What is important to you?  How will you create WOW experiences for your clients, whether they be buyers, sellers or investors?  Write these things down.

With the new year right around the corner, NOW is the perfect time to get organized, get focused and get clear on your goals for 2018.

Identify your strengths.  And your weaknesses. (Write them down.)

Identify things you did GREAT this past year.  And things you want to improve upon.  (Write this down.)

And since your business is built on YOU, be sure to identify personal goals for yourself – don’t forget to also include action items for those goals to make sure to achieve them.   (Write all of this down so you can look at it daily!)

(As an example, I am committed to consistently taking action and getting into shape in 2018!  No more excuses.  So I have written down my goal (e.g., lose 15 pounds) along with specific actions I will take to make that happen (e.g., I will exercise Saturday, Monday and Wednesday and will stop eating x, y and z). 

Get excited, gorgeous!  2018 is YOUR year!