Our clients are the lifeblood of our business.   When we win a client, our focus must be on keeping that client, for life.

That begins with the first interaction.  And continues even after a buyer closes on her beautiful new home!

Here are 6 ways you can (and should) WOW your buyer clients. 


1. Send a branded Homebuyer Checklist.

You’re a professional, lovely lady.  Everything you do should bring that point home, showing your high level of service and knowledge.  With buyer clients, this begins with having a branded Homebuyer Checklist to give to them at your first meeting.  (We have a bunch of amazing checklists, templates, scripts and so much more in our livyGirl! Community.  No need to start from scratch.  Check it out!)  The checklist should be rather detailed – the more information you have about your client’s “dream home” the easier it’ll be for you to find it!  Regardless of what brokerage you’re with, your clients will be impressed that the Checklist is something YOU created especially for your clients. (i.e., the “WOW factor”)


2. Ask questions.

This may seem counterintuitive but trust me: asking questions gives YOU power.  Why?  Because knowledge is power.  As mentioned above, the more you know about your clients – what they like, what they don’t like (and, if your client is a couple, they will likely have different “likes” requiring you to work to find compromise), what they “need” v. what they “want” etc.  – the more you’ll be able to WOW them.  One more point:  never underestimate the little things.  Indeed, knowing the little things can be the most impressive.  One example is asking your clients what their preferred method of communication is (e.g., email text or call).  People often feel strongly about this issue and can easily become annoyed if your reach out is done in a way your client doesn’t appreciate.


3. Set expectations early and often.

During your first meeting, be sure to explain the homebuying process to your clients.  Ideally you should have a branded homebuying process graphic or other document for your clients. (Another opportunity to WOW your clients!)  Let them know about the possibility of multiple offer situations.  Tell them about the home inspection process and let them know what to expect from their inspector (i.e., that it’s not at all uncommon for an inspection report to be 30+ pages and that the length doesn’t mean the home is in any way problematic).  Tell them that once an offer is accepted and the inspections are over, that the level of communication will drop off significantly…until settlement approaches.  And that this is 100% normal.  Serving as your clients’ advocate….looking out for them and anticipating their questions and needs….are what will set you apart!  Put simply, what will WOW your clients.


4. Be on time.

This may sound like a given, but if you’ve been in real estate for even a couple of months you know how quickly time flies.  And how easy it is to get caught up with one set of clients, making you late for your next appointment.  Professionals are punctual.  Being punctual shows your client that you value their time.  If you find yourself running late, pick up the phone and let your clients know – even if you’re going to be a minute or 2 late.  In all your dealings and interactions with clients, do what you say you’re going to do, and in a timely manner.  If anything happens to delay your ability to get information to them as promised or to call them at an agreed upon time, be sure to communicate that fact and apologize.  Take responsibility for yourself.  And wherever possible, strive to never let that happen again.  In all you do, seek to under promise and over deliver!


5. Be SUPER responsive.

If a client (or prospective client) reaches out to you, they want to receive a response as soon as possible.  So when you receive a text or email or voicemail, respond ASAP.  Your clients will be impressed with the speed of your response (even if it consists only of an acknowledgment of receipt and an assurance of a response as soon as you can after your appointment) and will absolutely feel valued and taken care of.  (Yet another opportunity to WOW your clients with “a little thing”) 


BONUS TIP:  Stay in touch. 

The biggest mistake a real estate agent can make is forgetting about their buyer clients.  Given the statistic that most homebuyers will sell their home within 4-7 years, it would b-hoove you to keep in touch.  When you gain a buyer client, gather all relevant information from the get-go and write it down on a Buyer Intake Form. (Request our sample Buyer Intake Form.) Things like birthdays, children’s names, anniversary (and later you will want to add the date of their closing so you can send them a card or gift or stop by on their “house-iversary”), pets’ names, employer, etc.  Hopefully as you work together, you’ll learn other things about them – e.g., their favorite restaurant, their hobbies, maybe their alma mater, etc.   Record this information so that in the months and years following settlement, you can refer back and find unique and creative ways and reasons for contacting your buyer clients.  (This is a GREAT way to WOW your clients…and stay “top of mind”)