Is there anything you want, but you feel is “unattainable”?

For example, do you “want” to make $100+K?  But believe that’s not “possible” or “realistic”?

Or maybe you’re just starting out and you’re meeting with obstacle after obstacle getting your business off the ground.  And, at this point, you may simply “want” your first client, but may be feeling like that’ll never happen?

Well, I have GOOD NEWS for you:

Whatever you feel is “unattainable” right now is only truly unattainable to the extent you believe it’s unattainable.

In other words: the only limitations you have are those you impose upon yourself.

Please read that last sentence again.  Slowly.  And let it soak in. 

This may not be a new concept for you….you undoubtedly heard some variation of this before. 

But I want you to really “get” it this time.  And believe it.  And LIVE it out.

If you believe you can’t achieve a goal, guess what?  You WON’T achieve it.  Period.  The end.

Thankfully the reverse is also true:  if you DO believe that a “ridiculously ambitious” goal IS attainable, you will likely achieve that goal (or come darn close)!

And this holds true both in business and in life.

So…if you REAAAAALLLLLLYYYY want to earn $X in 2018, believe you can do it.  Because… you CAN!

(Now, don’t get me wrong.  Hitting an ambitious goal will take some work – probably quite a bit of work.) 

But if you’re willing to put in the time and effort (and are continually learning & growing), you WILL achieve!

With a new year almost upon us, TODAY is the perfect day to sit down and write out your goals.  (Before you can achieve a goal, you must first identify it, right?)

Think about what you want to achieve in your business in the new year.


How many houses do you want to sell in 2018?  How much money do you want to make in 2018?  (Get your 2018 Biz Plan now)  It is essential to write your goals down.  (Did you know only 3% of the population do so?  Not surprisingly, those same 3% happen to be the most productive and successful)  Once written out, keep them in front of you – on a bulletin board in your office, on your nightstand, on your bathroom mirror, wherever you will see them.  

And as you assess your “wants” and dreams, push yourself beyond what you “think” is possible.  With the right plan, strategy & processes in place, you can achieve the “unattainable”!

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