Cost Of Living San Mateo CA Overview

You may have heard several people say not to count costs. But in the real estate game, fees are a significant factor in several home-buying decisions. e budget right to get what you want. What’s more important to remember is the charges don’t end after moving in. So you’ll have to focus on the cost of living San Mateo CA brings along with it if you plan on moving into the area. And trust us, many are already rolling the wheels of their moving trucks toward this city. Honestly, there’s no reason not to. San Mateo is a vibrant community brought to life with retail, recreation, and restaurants. It’s the perfect jumping point to a lifestyle reset. Families will also enjoy this residential hot spot because of the nearby amenities. It hosts a competent school district with a myriad of programs. Let’s see what else residents can spend on below.


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San Mateo’s Cost Of Living For Education

One of the major expenses families need to prepare for in San Mateo is sending their children to school. The superior quality of the institutions comes with a premium. In effect, it boosts the cost index for the education sector to 250. But consider that it’s still more affordable than sending your kids to Burlingame or Hillsborough. But make no mistake. The San Mateo-Foster City School District is up to par with the best of them. If you’re still deciding where to send your kids, this district has 22 schools. We’ve listed them below to make your selection process easier.

  • Abbott Middle School
  • Audubon Elementary School
  • Bayside Academy
  • Baywood Elementary School
  • Beach Park Elementary School
  • Beresford Elementary School
  • Borel Middle School
  • Bowditch Middle School
  • Brewer Island Elementary School
  • College Park Elementary
  • Fiesta Gardens International School
  • Foster City Elementary School
  • George Hall Elementary School
  • Highlands Elementary School
  • Laurel Elementary School
  • Lead Elementary School
  • Meadow Heights Elementary School
  • North Shoreview Montessori
  • Parkside Montessori
  • San Mateo-Foster City School District
  • San Mateo Park Elementary School
  • Sunnybrae Elementary School


Entertainment in San Mateo, CA.

Another driver of the San Mateo economy is the entertainment and events industry. That may be in the form of going to fairs, museums, or amusement parks. And you’ll soon find out that there are many of them in San Mateo. But you don’t have to worry about overspending. If you plan enough, you can attend some free entertainment spots. Here are some activities you can do or visit in the city.

Museums: San Mateo Public Library card holders are in for a treat because they can visit a few museums for free. This access is thanks to Discover & Go’s free passes. You can also visit the History Museum every first Friday of the month, even without a library card.

Events: San Mateo always has upcoming activities. Take September Nights on B Street as an example of an event that provides free music, entertainment, and festivities. You can also watch the annual Spring Dance Show.

Amusement Establishments: Children’s Fairyland, California’s Great America, and Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park are only some amusement parks nearby. But you also have a range of bowling, escape rooms, and VR options. They’re not free, but you can have fun for a longer duration.


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