Serene Things to Do in Long Beach Island

Long Beach Island, or LBI as many affectionately call it, is renowned for its vibrancy, bustling beaches, and lively boardwalks. However, it transforms as the summer sun sets, unveiling a different charm in the quieter months. Contrary to what some might think, Long Beach Island after summer is far from dormant. It is actually a year-round destination. The crowds thin out, allowing you to appreciate the shores in peace. This article will explore the best things to do in Long Beach Island outside peak tourist times.

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Explore the Beach and the Bayside

Walking along the shoreline is one of the most relaxing things you can do in Long Beach Island after summer. The cooler weather makes it ideal for long strolls, collecting seashells, and even spotting migrating birds. Don’t forget to explore the bayside too. Kayaking or paddleboarding provides a different island perspective. You can also try your hand at fishing, either from the shore or on a charter boat. The fall season is excellent for catching striped bass and bluefish.

Visit the Barnegat Lighthouse

A trip to Long Beach Island wouldn’t be complete without visiting the iconic Barnegat Lighthouse. After the busy summer, the lighthouse area becomes tranquil, making it a perfect relaxing spot. Climbing the 217 steps to the top might sound daunting, but the panoramic views are worth it. Once you’ve taken the view, explore the surrounding Barnegat Lighthouse State Park. The park offers walking trails, birdwatching opportunities, and a quiet place to reflect by the water.

Enjoy Local Cuisine

Without the summer rush, you can savor your meals leisurely. Sit outdoors to enjoy the cool, crisp air. Fresh seafood is a highlight, with local catches like flounder, clams, and scallops. Don’t miss the clam chowder or a classic lobster roll. You can also enjoy a date night or special occasion at one of the BYOB restaurants, experience live music, and meet friends on weekends.

Explore the Local Shops and Boutiques

Shopping on Long Beach Island becomes a pleasant and unhurried experience without the crowds. Stroll through the local shops and boutiques, where you can find unique souvenirs, beach-themed decor, and handcrafted items. Many shops are family-owned, adding a personal touch to your shopping experience.

Attend a Fall Festival or Event

Long Beach Island hosts several events and festivals in the fall, providing a great way to enjoy the local culture. From seafood festivals to craft fairs, there’s always something happening. These events are less crowded than their summer counterparts, allowing you to enjoy them at a relaxed pace. Check out the LBI Chowderfest, where you can taste some of the best chowders and vote for your favorite.

Go Biking or Hiking

With cooler temperatures, autumn is a fantastic time for outdoor activities like biking and hiking. Long Beach Island offers several scenic trails perfect for biking or hiking. Explore nature at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, with trails that take you through marshes and coastal habitats. These activities and destinations allow you to immerse yourself in the island’s natural beauty.


Autumn is a prime time for birdwatching on Long Beach Island, as many species migrate along the coast. Grab your binoculars and head to one of the island’s nature reserves or parks. The Holgate section of the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge is trendy among birdwatchers. You can spot a variety of shorebirds, raptors, and waterfowl. It is a peaceful and rewarding way to connect with nature.

Relax at a Spa

If ultimate relaxation is what you seek, spend a day at one of Long Beach Island’s spas. Many local spas offer a variety of treatments, from massages to facials, designed to rejuvenate your body and mind. A spa day is perfect for relieving stress and recharging your energy. After a busy summer, pampering yourself is one of the most soothing activities you can gift yourself!

Take a Yoga Class

Embrace the tranquility of the off-season by joining a yoga class. Many local studios offer classes tailored for all skill levels. Practicing yoga is a beautiful way to relax and improve your well-being. Some studios even offer outdoor courses, where you can practice your poses while enjoying the fresh sea breeze. This is excellent for your body and helps clear your mind.

Indoor Games

While the outdoor rides at Fantasy Island Amusement Park may close after the summer, the arcade remains open year-round. Located in Beach Haven, the arcade offers a fun escape from the cool weather. You can spend hours playing various games, from classic pinball machines to modern video games. The arcade also features skeeball, air hockey, and prize redemption games where you can relive childhood memories.

Visit the Long Beach Island Historical Museum

For a touch of history, visit the Long Beach Island Historical Museum. The museum offers a glimpse into the island’s past, with exhibits showcasing its maritime heritage, local culture, and significant events. In September, the museum opens its doors on weekends only, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. For the rest of the year, visits are welcome by advance appointment.

Cultural Experiences

The Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts & Sciences (LBIF) in Loveladies is a cultural gem open year-round. This venue offers a range of indoor activities, including art exhibitions, workshops, and educational programs. You can explore rotating exhibits or participate in a hands-on workshop. It also hosts lectures, concerts, and film screenings, providing a rich cultural experience.

Take a Scenic Drive

The general rule is that vehicles cannot be driven on the beaches during the primary tourist season. The primary reasons for this restriction include safety concerns, environmental protection, and preserving the shores for recreational use. However, Long Beach Island offers designated areas where vehicles can be used, specifically those with the appropriate permits. There’s a unique charm in driving right up to the shoreline, opening the back of your car, and settling on a secluded stretch of sand.

By exploring these relaxing activities, you’ll discover that Long Beach Island has much to offer even after the summer crowds have left. From peaceful beach walks to quiet moments under the stars, there are countless things to do in Long Beach Island after summer that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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