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The holiday season is a magical time when families come together to celebrate traditions, exchange gifts, and create lasting memories. One cherished tradition that has stood the test of time is decorating a Christmas tree. The smell of fresh pine, the twinkle of lights, and the joy of hanging ornaments are all part of the experience. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to Mr. Greentrees, a family-owned business that has been providing fresh Christmas trees to the Holmby Hills community since 1986. Join us through their story, the joy of choosing a fresh Christmas tree, and the environmental impact of real vs. artificial trees.


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Mr. Greentrees

A Family Tradition since 1986
For over three decades, Mr. Greentrees has been a beloved fixture in the city of Holmby Hills, providing residents with fresh and exquisite Christmas trees and greenery. The journey began in 1986 when Rebecca and David Campbell embarked on their entrepreneurial adventure. What started as a small, family-run business has blossomed into a local institution synonymous with the holiday season.

Passing the Torch to the Next Generation
In 2001, the family business was passed down to Rebecca’s daughter, Lyra, continuing the legacy with a new generation. Despite this transition, the spirit of family and tradition has always remained at the heart of Mr. Greentrees. Even today, Rebecca continues to lend a helping hand each year during the festive season, ensuring that every tree is selected with care and precision. This commitment to family values sets Mr. Greentrees apart from other Christmas tree providers.

A Tale of Adaptability and Quality
Throughout the years, Mr. Greentrees has undergone several moves within the city. These location changes served as valuable learning experiences, enabling the business to adapt and grow while maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This adaptability has allowed Mr. Greentrees to thrive for many years, even in the face of changing times.

Hand-Selected Perfection for You
At Mr. Greentrees, they take immense pride in carefully selecting every single item, from the majestic Christmas trees that bring warmth to your homes to the tiniest ornaments that add sparkle to your branches. Their unwavering dedication to excellence assures customers that they will consistently discover top-quality products when choosing Mr. Greentrees. Each tree is hand-selected to ensure it meets the highest standards of freshness and beauty.

Entering their fourth decade of service to the Holmby Hills community, Mr. Greentrees’ commitment to providing fresh, beautiful Christmas trees and greenery has grown stronger. They invite everyone to participate in this beloved tradition and make their holiday season special.


The Joy of Choosing a Fresh Christmas Tree

There’s something truly magical about selecting a fresh Christmas tree. The experience goes beyond purchasing a decoration; it’s a tradition filled with joy and anticipation.

The Scent of Fresh Pine
One of the most enchanting aspects of a real Christmas tree is the aroma of fresh pine that fills your home. The natural fragrance creates an inviting atmosphere that instantly puts everyone in the holiday spirit. Artificial trees simply can’t replicate this delightful scent.

The Perfect Shape and Size
When you choose a fresh Christmas tree from Mr. Greentrees, you can pick the perfect shape and size for your home. Whether you prefer a tall and slender tree or a full and bushy one, their wide selection ensures you’ll find the ideal match.

Family Bonding
Selecting a Christmas tree is a family affair. It’s a tradition that brings loved ones together, from scouting for the perfect tree to decorating it with ornaments and lights. These wonderful moments form treasured memories that you’ll carry in your heart for a lifetime.


Real vs. Artificial Trees: The Environmental Impact

As we embrace the holiday spirit, it’s essential to consider the environmental impact of our choices, especially when it comes to Christmas trees. Let’s explore the sustainability comparison and why choosing a fresh tree from Mr. Greentrees can make a difference.

A. Sustainability Comparison

Artificial Trees
Artificial Christmas trees are often marketed as an eco-friendly alternative, as they can be reused for several years. However, their production involves the use of non-biodegradable materials, including plastics and metals. Manufacturing and shipping these trees also contribute to carbon emissions.

Additionally, artificial trees have a limited lifespan and may end up in landfills when they wear out. Their disposal poses environmental concerns due to the materials used in their construction.

Real Trees
Fresh Christmas trees, on the other hand, are a renewable resource. Tree farms plant multiple trees for each one harvested, ensuring a continuous growth cycle. These farms also contribute to carbon sequestration, helping combat climate change.

After the holiday season, real trees can be recycled into mulch or used for other environmentally beneficial purposes, reducing their impact on landfills. When it comes to sustainability, real trees have a clear advantage.

B. Why Choose a Fresh Tree from Mr. Greentrees

When you choose a fresh Christmas tree from Mr. Greentrees, you’re not only selecting a beautiful centerpiece for your home but also supporting a local business with a strong commitment to sustainability. Here’s why it matters:

  • Local Sourcing: Mr. Greentrees takes pride in sourcing their trees from local tree farms, reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation.
  • Recycling Program: After the holiday season, Mr. Greentrees offers a recycling program that ensures your tree is repurposed in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Fostering Green Practices: By choosing a real tree, you’re encouraging sustainable farming practices and contributing to the preservation of green spaces in your community.



In the heart of Holmby Hills, Mr. Greentrees stands as a beacon of tradition, family values, and sustainability. Their commitment to providing fresh, beautiful Christmas trees and greenery has made them a beloved part of the holiday season for over three decades. Choosing a fresh tree from Mr. Greentrees not only brings the joy of the holiday season into your home but also supports a local business with deep roots in the community.

This holiday season, let the scent of fresh pine fill your home and gather your loved ones to decorate a tree representing tradition, togetherness, and sustainability. Make a choice that’s not only beautiful but also environmentally responsible.


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