Celebrating Doggy Day at Garfield Park South Pasadena

Doggy Day was celebrated for the tenth time in Garfield Park South Pasadena on April 21st, thanks to the efforts of the Recreation Division of the City of South Pasadena. The event was planned and arranged by the Recreation Division in hopes of promoting dogs care, health, and socialization.

The event was held close to the tennis courts in Garfield Park, and it featured several tents that acted as homes for the many different organizations that participated in the event and the several vendors who were present. In addition, there was a bounce house with a dog theme, and both my child and I misunderstood it as something dogs could use to play and bounce in. It wasn’t until much later that researchers determined that it was a kind of entertainment for adolescents and younger individuals. There was a stage in the middle of the tents where a live band played well-known “radio hits” from different decades; everyone enjoyed the hits, and some even sang along with the band. It was a day to remember.


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The Garfield Park Event’s Highlights

The event’s highlight is that everyone had a good time; the dogs ran, walked, and played. They interacted with one another, and the booths provided free treats and information for the dogs and coupons for the many people who participated in the event. This event was both amusing and informative, as it brought together local owners of dogs (and cats), officials from pet food companies, a canine rescue organization, a political group that advocates for dogs, a fantastic band that gave live music, and representatives from other groups that are focused on dogs.

In South Pasadena, I had the good fortune to meet Yvonne Banzali, who works for the South Pasadena Animal Commission, and her fellow commissioners, all of whom advocate for pets and pet owners in this city. In addition to that, I had the opportunity to pet “Eva,” a fantastic dog with remarkably remarkable eyes.

Everyone who went to the event found many interesting people and dogs. Just like I did, and that is something I will cherish.


What Makes the Garfield Park, South Pasadena Event Special?

The event is special to many South Pasadena residents because it brings together people with the same interests. Friendships and acquaintances were made, memories were born, and the furry friends enjoyed. The event provides everyone a place to belong and learn while having fun.

In South Pasadena, there is always a variety of fun things to do and festivals to attend. And is there something that all of these events have in common? They are all amusing and offer a great deal of pleasure! Doggy Day in Garfield Park, South Pasadena, was a unique and enjoyable event, and more photos from the day can be found in the gallery that can be found below. Since I’ve learned more about it, I can’t wait until next year’s Doggy Day, the 11th annual event! Doggy Day will be here before you know it!


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