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Hilton Head Island is a part of the Lowcountry area in South Carolina, renowned for the island’s undeniable attractiveness as a tourist destination. The list of Hilton Head Island, SC things to do is extensive, as it consistently ranks as one of the famous destinations to visit in South Carolina. Hilton Head Island has approximately 12 miles of stunning beaches, all generous in width and backed by lovely dunes that are a natural buffer between the beach and many inland attractions. This renowned vacation spot is also home to one of the country’s most extensive bike path networks, in addition to its 12-mile length of Atlantic-facing beaches that inspire you to go out and stroll. There are limitless paved bike routes, sea activities like dolphin tours and fishing charters, and countless acres of protected wildlife and environment preservation, so you’ll never get bored while on the island. In addition to its stunning natural beauty, the area is home to world-class golf courses and many delicious dining options. Check out our recommended locations to go and activities to do while vacationing on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.


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Underrated Entertainment Pursuits on Hilton Head Island

As the island of Hilton Head is entirely encircled by water, visitors may try various water-based activities. The area also enjoys some of the warmest seas on the Eastern Coast, so you can go to the beach almost daily. Its beautiful sandy beaches are ideal for beach activities, including water sports, picnics, and resting, and the scenery against which they are placed is breathtaking. Here are some of the top attractions and favorite things to do on Hilton Head Island:

Hilton Head Sunset Dolphin Watching Cruise – This tour is perfect for individuals who want to photograph dolphins because of how often they are seen. You may also use the cruise’s onboard naturalist to learn more about dolphins and the surrounding area.

America’s Cup 12-Meter Yacht Afternoon Sail – Sail over tranquil seas and through the breathtaking landscape with a captain and crew onboard a 39-foot-long yacht participating in America’s Cup.

Hilton Head to Savannah Round-Trip Ferry Ticket – This scenic day tour sails from Hilton Head to Savannah. Have a drink from the onboard bar and take in the fresh air on the top deck or the cool air in the lower cabin.


Have a Good Time at Harbour Town

Harbour Town is the most well-known and often visited marina on Hilton Head Island, and for a good reason: it has a variety of exciting activities available, including shopping, dining, live entertainment, watersports, fishing charters, sightseeing cruises, and a covered pier. Additionally, the marina offers boat tours and water sports activities for visitors to enjoy. The area is also home to the historic Liberty Oak and the Gregg Russell Harbour Town Playground, and the world-famous Harbour Town Lighthouse. It is generally agreed upon that Harbour Town serves as the economic core for Hilton Head’s Sea Pines Resort. If you’re looking for a fantastic holiday experience and have the time to spare in South Carolina, you’ll indeed find it in Harbour Town.


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