Homes for Sale in Empty Saddle Estates: Amazing Views

Homes for Sale in Empty Saddle Estates is a high, flat property with amazing views of three mountain ranges. Gas, electricity, and water are all available to the lot line. From a vantage point above the Santa Cruz Valley, you can take in panoramic mountain vistas, sunsets, and sunrises. This Homes for Sale in Empty Saddle Estates is excellent for construction! The owner already has custom house architectural blueprints and is prepared to share them. Horses are welcome. The interstate is easily accessible. Tubac, Arizona’s artist colony, is 45 minutes south of Tucson. It is home to the Tubac Golf Resort, a 27-hole luxury, full-service resort, and various art galleries and stores. It has a beautiful climate and breathtaking mountain vistas in all directions. Tubac in the elite and secluded Cerro Pelon boasts stunning views of the surrounding hills and valleys below.

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Tubac Golf Resort and Spa

Experience Tubac Golf Resort and Spa’s Spanish Colonial Revival-inspired architecture in Empty Saddle Estates Tubac AZ Homes. The King of Spain initially donated the resort’s property to Spanish architect Don Toribio de Otero. The Otera Home, a historic 1800s ranch house built by Don Toribio de Otera, is where you’ll stay. This ancient inn has three fireplaces and a back patio area. Tubac Golf Resort and Spa offers a game of golf. This championship-caliber golf course, built in 1959 and made famous by the 1996 film Tin Cup, provides three different course alternatives in a gorgeous desert location. Tubac Golf Resort & Spa can be found in Tubac. Cultural features include Tubac Center of the Arts and Tumacácori National Historical Park, while popular attractions in the neighborhood include Jane’s Attic and Santa Cruz Chili & Spice. Avalon Organic Farms and Eco Village are worth a visit.

Homes for Sale in Empty Saddle Estates: Accommodations

Empty Saddle Club, Rolling Hills Estates beauty, isn’t entirely apparent until the stores close for the night and the Village retires. Spending the night in Tubac exposes you to a stunning pure sky filled with stars and moonlight. The nocturnal chirps in the nighttime silence connect you to the wonders of the cosmos and activate your relaxation. Tubac is a member of the International Dark Sky Conservation Program, which “recognizes and supports exemplary night sky care.” Tubac has several ancient, charming, well-preserved inns and bed and breakfast hotels. The Tubac Golf Resort and Spa provides luxurious lodging and services. Tubac has two RV parks if you are traveling by motorhome. Tubac will be beautiful and unforgettable no matter where you stay.

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