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How Much Are Pumpkin Patch Tickets and How You Can Make the Most of Your Visit

The association of pumpkins with Halloween has deep historical roots, originating from ancient Celtic traditions and European folklore. Originally, turnips or gourds were carved into lanterns to ward off spirits during the Celtic festival of Samhain. Irish immigrants later introduced the tradition to America, where pumpkins replaced turnips due to their larger size and ease of carving.

Today, pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween, used for jack-o’-lanterns, festive decorations, and culinary delights like pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice treats. And what better way to soak up the festive vibes than by heading to a pumpkin patch? But before you grab your costume and head out the door, you might wonder, “How much are pumpkin patch tickets, anyway?” Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Join us as we dive into the enchanting world of pumpkin patches and uncover everything you need to know to make the most of your visit.

Spooky Fun Awaits at Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch

Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch has been a cherished destination for families seeking Halloween fun since its inception in 1987. Becky and David Campbell founded it to offer city dwellers a taste of farm life right in their backyard. Inspired by their farm in Silverton, Oregon, the Campbells envisioned a space where children could immerse themselves in the spirit of Halloween while learning about nature and agriculture.

Unlike typical pumpkin patches, Mr. Bones goes beyond the ordinary, offering a whimsical atmosphere filled with spooky delights and festive activities. From pumpkin picking to hayrides, the patch is teeming with opportunities for families to create lasting memories. With each passing year, the establishment has solidified its place in Southern California’s Halloween traditions, drawing visitors near and far to experience the magic that has enchanted generations of children.

Pricing Insights on Pumpkin Patch Tickets

Get ready for a pumpkin-tastic adventure at Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch! It is all about offering top-notch pumpkins and goodies while ensuring you have a blast with your loved ones. With a strong belief in family and community, it is dedicated to making your holiday celebrations extra special.

From October 5th to 30th, the patch is open every day from 9 AM to 9 PM, offering many activities for visitors to enjoy. Admission prices range from $8 to $20, and guests can explore the charming Pumpkin Village, where Mr. Bones and his friends reside, or take a break in the shaded tipis. Additionally, they can hop on Mr. Bones’ Giant Rocking Horses, which are lovingly handcrafted by the team. Note that activity tickets at the pumpkin patch are separate from the admission entry.


For just a buck, grab a single ticket that’s good all season long. And don’t stress if you can’t use them all at onceā€”save them for your next visit!


  • 10 tickets for $9
  • 20 tickets for $17
  • 40 tickets for $33


Kids, get ready for unlimited fun! For $30, enjoy non-stop action with access to:

  • Dancing Spider OR Baby Spider Bounce House
  • NEW Rainbow Slide
  • Straw Maze
  • Mr. Bones Super Slide
  • Petting Zoo


Slide into excitement with 15 thrilling rides down the slides for just $10.

How Much Are Pumpkin Patch Passes?

Weekends are even more exciting at Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch with Adult and Child Plus Passes. These are your ticket to an enhanced pumpkin patch adventure with exclusive perks and benefits.


For just $70, children can enjoy a premium experience. Kids receive:

  • 1 child admission
  • Expedited patch entry
  • Access to the exclusive PLUS Area when accompanied by a Mr. Bones PLUS adult
  • Unlimited access to Dancing Spider or Itsy Bitsy Spider bounce house, Rainbow Slide, Straw Maze,
  • Mr. Bones Super Slide, and Petting Zoo.


Adults can upgrade their pumpkin patch experience for $70. This has many benefits, including:

  • 1 adult admission
  • Expedited patch entry
  • 15% discount on all pumpkins & merchandise (excluding activity tickets and food)
  • Unlimited use of Petting Zoo & Rainbow Slide (for adults 72″ and under)
  • Access to the exclusive PLUS Area featuring Private toilets, Free drinks and snacks, Private, direct view of the stage, Secure area to stow personal items & pumpkins, and Wagon access.

How To Maximize Your Visit to Mr. Bones

  • Buy Pumpkin Patch Tickets Online: Learn more about ticket pricing and skip the long lines by purchasing them online for a hassle-free entry experience.
  • Consider VIP Tickets: Opt for VIP tickets to bypass the entrance line entirely and enjoy expedited access to all the fun activities.
  • Payment Options: Payment at the patch is convenient with cash, and all major credit cards, including American Express, are accepted. An ATM is also available on-site for added convenience.
  • Age Recommendations: Most activities are suitable for ages 2 to 8, although the petting zoo may also cater to younger children, providing entertainment for the whole family.
  • Weather Contingency: Certain activities may temporarily close in inclement weather for safety reasons. Similarly, inflatable attractions will be taken down during windy conditions, with everything reopening once it’s safe.
  • Sun Protection: Remember to bring sunscreen to shield yourself from any unexpected sunshine during your visit.
  • Footwear Policy: Ensure a comfortable experience by wearing sturdy closed-toed shoes with socks to navigate the uneven wood-chip-covered ground. Sandals and flip-flops are not allowed for safety reasons.
  • Take Home A Pumpkin: Mr. Bones offers a wide selection of pumpkins, gourds, and squash sourced from farms in Northern California and Oregon, with several organic options. They are priced according to weight, with gourds and smaller ones available at a fixed rate. Additionally, corn stalks and straw bales are available for purchase to enhance your fall decor.


Visiting Mr. Bones, Pumpkin Patch offers a fantastic opportunity for family-friendly fun during the fall season. With a range of ticket options and activities to enjoy, there’s something for everyone to experience, from delicious food to exciting attractions. It promises to be a highlight of your autumn festivities. So gather your loved ones, head to the patch, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Explore Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch ticket prices, activities, and more by visiting https://mrbonespumpkinpatch.com/ticket-info/ for a memorable outing for the whole family.

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