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Eleven miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles is the unusual city of Pasadena. The Hahanog-na Native tribe first settled the area, building villages along the Arroyo Seco and in the valleys of the mountains in what is now South Pasadena. In a tiny mission town, renowned educational institutions and museums are at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains. Pasadena City Hall is located in Old Pasadena, a distinctive shopping and dining neighborhood, including Pasadena Zip Codes, that is well-known for its old structures. Old Pasadena also comprises a large portion of the downtown area. There are many beautiful examples of art deco and Victorian architecture. The climate of Pasadena includes highs and lows. The average nighttime temperature in the summer is around 70°F, while daytime highs frequently approach 90°F or even 100°F. Seldom do the lowest temperatures go below 40°F. Yet Pasadena hardly ever experiences snowfall.


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Pasadena Zip Codes

Below are some of the Homes for Sale in Pasadena:

2 Oak Knoll Terrace: The Samuel C. Fertig House, initially constructed in 1916 and designed by renowned architect Myron Hunt, was renamed Knoll House by its then-owner, Mrs. Virginia Steele Scott, in 1971. The 1973 edition of the Gallery/Museum by modernist architects Ladd & Kelsey gave the site, which was already notable from an architectural standpoint, an unmatched level of significance.

1445 Edgecliff Lane: Gorgeous home with an unmatched panoramic view of the city and Los Angeles. A single-story house with nearly 16-foot ceilings. So many unique elements make this home unique to list. Also, the property contains a guest home with three bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms that is entirely private and secured.

1200 Arroyo Boulevard S: One of the most notable architectural structures in the South Arroyo area is this English Arts & Crafts home. Created by renowned architect Stiles O Clements (Hollywood Park Racetrack, Beverly Hills High School), it was greatly expanded and restored for the Pasadena Showcase House of Design in 1931 by Kenneth A Gordon (Egyptian Theatre).


Great Amenities in Pasadena

Beautiful mountains and hills surround Pasadena. The 447-mile network of more than 70 trails appeals to outdoor enthusiasts. Every level of hiker and biker may find something to enjoy, whether it’s easy everyday jogging on the Southern Avenue Greenway or bike trails like the Fillmore Bike Path. And the city’s immediate northern border is the Angeles National Forest. The Rose Bowl, a 90,888-seat sports arena noted for holding concerts, a flea market, and the college football Tournament of Roses football game every New Year’s Day, is one of the most well-known Pasadena landmarks. The Rose Parade is held in Pasadena. The Rose Parade, commonly called the “Tournament of Roses Parade,” is unique. The Rose Bowl Football Game is held after the yearly procession on West Colorado Boulevard. Activities are always available in Pasadena, California, whether indoors, outside, or somewhere in between.


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