Fun and Educational Pumpkin Activities for Preschool!

It’s almost the fall season! which means pumpkin time! Who can resist a fun pumpkin activity? Not the kids! If you plan on making this year’s pumpkin season a memorable experience for cute preschoolers, we compiled fun and educational activities you may prepare for them. But first, let’s talk about the benefit of organizing fun and educational pumpkin activities for preschool.

The quality of the education children get in preschool significantly benefit from doing educational and fun activities. Preschool is the stage of a child’s life during which they experience firsthand the external or real world for the first time. This indicates that he must move on from the support and safety provided by his parents and confront everything that is waiting for him beyond their arms. Here’s why preschool activities, such as pumpkin-related activities, are beneficial for the kids:

  • Social skills development
  • Emotional development
  • Problem-solving skills development
  • Creative thinking skill development
  • Language enhancing

Incorporating the need for problem-solving skills in their activities will help them develop their critical thinking skills. In the next part of this article, we’ll discuss the activities you can prepare for your upcoming pumpkin activity.


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Preschool Literacy and Sensory Activities for the Mind

1. Read Pumpkin Stories! – Reading stories aloud for the preschoolers will help promote interest in reading, creativity, and skills like writing, painting, and drawing. Some of the stories we can recommend:

  • Too Many Pumpkins by Linda White
  • The Roll-Away Pumpkin by Junia Wonders
  • It’s Pumpkin Time by Zoe Hall

2. Pumpkin and Math – Introducing preschoolers to math with the help of pumpkin is a brilliant way to help them develop their problem-solving skills. An example activity for this is the classic pumpkin pie math. You can divide the pumpkins into slices or number them. This way, the child will gain awareness about numbers.

3. Design Your Pumpkin – This activity involves the kids’ mind and motor skills. All they have to do is to decorate their pumpkin. They can write, draw, or paint on them. It is an easy-to-do activity for all you have to prepare is a pumpkin for everyone, pens, and paint.

4. Pumpkin Exploration – Pumpkin exploration is an excellent sensory activity. They will get exposed to the smell, feel, appearance, and taste of it. You can let them explore a pumpkin’s texture, color, smell, and taste by asking them questions and guiding them throughout.


Pumpkin Treats!

After hours of exploring and learning many things thanks to a pumpkin-themed learning activity, the cute little pumpkin pies (we meant the preschoolers here!), we can all agree that they deserve delicious and sweet pumpkin treats. We also prepared some suggestions for your post-pumpkin activities to make the day more memorable.

  • Pumpkin Seed (Trail Mix)
    Trail mixes are good sources of fiber! Making a trail mix for snacks is healthy and will take a little time to prepare.
  • Pumpkin Muffins
    Muffins are too cute and mouthwatering to resist! The kids will love these mainly if they are sweet tooths!
  • Pumpkin Pancakes
    Pumpkin Pancakes are an excellent food any time of the day. It is sweet and healthy, and children will love this! Just add any syrup they prefer, and they are good to go.
  • Pumpkin Pies
    One of my all-time favorite pumpkin treats! Pumpkin pies have never failed parents and caregivers before.
  • Chocolate Chip Pumpkin
    Chocolate chip cookies are now healthier just add pumpkin to the mix and bake! Even adults will love this treat.

Pumpkin’s versatility will always go well with anything you try. Don’t be afraid to experiment; serve it as your fun pumpkin activity!


Pumpkin-themed activities designed for preschoolers can be fun and help make learning fun. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments regarding the activities that are described in this article, or click on the following link to connect with us:

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