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Located in the scenic coastal city of Huntington Beach, California, Seagate at Huntington Seacliff is a premier gated residential community that embodies luxury and coastal living at its finest. Seagate at Huntington Seacliff is located less than a mile from the Pacific Ocean and near Downtown Huntington, offering residents a relaxing seaside living while enjoying many upscale amenities and convenient access to the region’s attractions. With all the amenities and proximity to downtown Huntington combined with beautiful upscale properties, Seagate became one of the sought-after communities in the Huntington area. Homeowners delight in their seaside residences that are steps away from the pristine beaches, wake up with the sight of golden sands and sparkling blue waters, and end the day with breathtaking sunsets that define the coastal charm of Southern California. If you are searching for a tranquil place to call home or an active coastal lifestyle, Seagate at Huntington Seacliff will never disappoint you. With its stunning homes, luxurious amenities, and desirable location, this community sets the standard for relaxed coastal living in Huntington Beach.


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Seagate Real Estate Information

Seagate at Huntington Seacliff offers prospective buyers an impressive selection of townhouses and single-family residences, each having its own distinctive charm and architectural style. The townhouses at Seagate at Huntington Seacliff provide a stylish and low-maintenance living option. Townhomes for sale at Seagate are priced between $600K to more than $1.3 million. Townhomes in the neighborhood usually come with three to four bedrooms and two to three bathrooms, ideal for families and giving enough space for additional rooms or home offices. The internal living area of the townhouses typically ranges from 1856 to 2025 square feet to provide comfortable living spaces. Single-family homes offer a more traditional and expansive living experience, showcasing various architectural styles, such as Mediterranean, Craftsman, and Cape Cod. Single-family homes are more expensive, ranging from $1.3 million to over $3 million. It commonly features three to five bedrooms, two to four bathrooms, and an internal living area ranging from 2,500 to 4,500 sq. ft., providing generous living spaces for families of all sizes. Most homes at Seagate have spacious floor plans with multiple levels, gourmet kitchens with high-end appliances, private outdoor areas such as patios or balconies, and attached garages.


Lifestyle and Amenities at Seagate at Huntington Seacliff

Seagate at Huntington Seacliff provides residents with an exceptional lifestyle enhanced with various amenities. The community boasts private resort-style pools where residents can relax and soak up the California sun while enjoying the waters. For those seeking an active lifestyle, well-equipped fitness centers provide state-of-the-art equipment and spaces for refreshing workouts. Lush landscaped gardens and inviting outdoor gathering areas create the perfect setting for socializing with neighbors, hosting events, or simply unwinding in a serene environment. The proximity to the pristine beaches of Huntington Beach allows residents to enjoy leisurely walks, engage in water sports, such as swimming, surfing, and paddling, or enjoy the beauty of the coastal surroundings. Additionally, the community’s convenient location offers easy access to various shopping, dining, and entertainment options, like Romano Cucina Sunset Beach, Golden Road Brewing Huntington Beach, Akuma Ramen & Sushi Bar, and Seacliff Village Shopping Center, ensuring that residents have everything they need and desire right at their fingertips. Several parks, such as Seabridge Park, Harbour View Park, and Haven View Park, can also be found around the neighborhood.


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