What Are The Zurple Reviews About?

You’re probably here because you already have a bit of an idea of what Zurple is. There’s a good chance you might even be here through a quick search using terms similar to “Zurple Reviews.” But even if you weren’t, we must define this powerful tool first before dissecting it so you can evaluate if it’s the proper application for you and your team. The real estate business is powered by relationships in a way that no other industry is. Zurple is one of the solutions out in the market that claims to bridge gaps between businesses to clients. It’s a web-based software real estate professionals use to identify potential buyers and present them with relevant home listing information. Zurple uses data and technology to help brokers and agents build relationships with clients in imaginative, scalable ways. Now that that’s out of the way, we can finally get to the nitty-gritty.


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What Features Are On The Reviews About Zurple?

Lead generation and client tracking are some of the most sought-after hallmarks of great real estate software. Based on their product description, Zurple might be a real contender in providing real estate professionals with unique opportunities for advancement. They offer an extensive list of features that real estate professionals can utilize to take their businesses to heights their willing to take them to. You’ll have more control over the direction and growth of your own business in one platform. But more than the two features, there are a couple of other capabilities that the platform has. The also offer the features listed below.

  • Contact & Account Management
  • Opportunity & Pipeline Management
  • Task and Activity Management
  • Listing Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Transaction Management
  • Lead Management
  • CMA Management
  • Forecasting & Reporting
  • Dashboards

Zuprle is particularly proud of its Start Conversations™ feature. This function allows the system to intelligently engage leads on your behalf by sending out customized emails to leads from your email address. The emails will reference relevant properties and market information it deems valuable to your leads based on their behavior. These emails let leads know you are paying close attention to them. It also positions you as a market expert at a more personal level to them.


Customer Notes On Zurple Pricing

One primary consideration for real estate experts looking for solutions and industry tools is the cost and upkeep. The prices usually include the initial sign-up and setup fees, with a few added charges for customized features. And since these functions will be tailor-fitted to handle your client and agent base, don’t expect it to come cheap. But how does Zurple stand compared to similar software? Based on user reviews, it has some of the highest fees compared to similar applications. Here’s a rough estimate of what you’d need to pay to use their system and program.

  • Base Plan: $299
  • MLS: $10
  • One-Time Setup Fee: $199 to $799
  • Paid Buyer Leads: $250
  • Paid Seller Leads: $450
  • Early 5,000 Leads Limit: $150
  • Additional User Fee: $150 per 5 people
  • Lead Intelligence Bundle: $150

The charges are not set in stone. Zurple does not publish these costs on its website because different criteria will obviously affect how much you’ll need to spend. These costs estimate how much it will cost to get your real estate firm on their platform. To obtain a more precise quote, please contact the Zurple Team.


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